Retirement Villages Guide

Retirement is a new beginning in life, and some even feel that it is where the experience begins. You might look forward to free time strolling around in the garden, or you may be in a mood to volunteer or actively take part in the activities of social groups. Whatever you plan to do is your choice, but nowadays, many senior people are opting to stay in retirement villages in Australia. The retirement villages provide accommodations and other services. Currently, there are 2300 villages in Australia. There are swimming pools, golf courses, social events, and emergency assistance 24 hours a day. You can have a comfortable and independent life with likeminded people around you. You also have the option to rent out an apartment if you don’t wish to buy it and enjoy all the provided facilities. There are two types of villages, one is a resident-funded village, and the other is a donor-funded village.

Serviced Apartments

The serviced apartments mostly have two to three bedrooms along with the 24-hour assistance and safety services. These retiral houses can be ideal if you do not need medical help but only require a helping hand in your daily activities like doing laundry, cleaning, and cooking meals. They will assist you with a lot of personal care. The meals are served in a dining hall while you have a new kitchen in your apartment, as well. You can enjoy all the benefits while living in such a desirable retirement community.

Home care services

If you choose to live in a villa or an independent apartment, be assured that you will have access to a lot of home care services such as domestic work and transportation. The costs of these services are additional to the living expenses but are reasonable. You also have the option to get financial assistance provided by standard wealth home support program or Home care packages. The villas supplied by the in home care have one to four bedrooms while the buildings are designed in different shapes and sizes, ranging from high, medium, or semi-detached.

Residential aged care

Most of the retirement villages at Miranda are now offering residential care accommodations. It is an additional advantage for those elders whose needs may have changed, but they can still live in that apartment or community. It is beneficial for those couples or friends who wish to stay together despite having the same needs. Before providing an accommodation service to the elders, they are assessed by the Aged care Assessment team. Some elders are eligible for getting funds from the state so they can quickly pay for the residential aged care without using their own money.